Fast fashion is yesterday.

Enter the world of INSTANT FASHION!

Create iconic styles for your brand

with Artificial Intelligence

Meet AIrtist - the first AI-powered fashion designer. With the help of artificial intelligence, AIrtist creates unique one-of-a-kind artworks, graphics, illustrations, and concepts to meet your signature style.


From t-shirts to shorts, from mugs to posters. Extend AIrtist generated artworks to a full collection of items.

AIrtist will create unique images for your signature style that can be printed to your product.

Reep the benefits of print-on-demand business models with minimal effort. Upload AIrtist generated designs to your choice of service and start selling on the spot!

How it works?

Create unique one-off designs with a click of a button

Effortlessly transfer design concepts to multiple products

Enjoy latest designs in-tune with style trends

Define, refine or randomize - choose how much freedom AIrtist will have while creating

With a little help from of AI

  • Create new fashion concepts with a click of the button

  • Prototype new concepts instantly

  • Launch a unique fashion line overnight

An overnight fashion sensation

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Behind AIrtist

AIrtist is the first AI-powered fashion design application. The platform relies on
state-of-the-art algorithms to create unique one-off marketable designs for different clothing or product lines.

The platform aims to kickstart the category of INSTANT FASHION. With instant design prototyping and print-on-demand services, the platform minimizes the time from ‘idea’ to ‘worn on a street’. By promoting the ‘made on demand’ model, the platform also aims to minimize waste and promote sustainable approaches to design and fashion.